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Housing is a Human Right

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Low-income tenants in API communities are particularly vulnerable to unjust evictions, as landlords have resorted to using informal, and often illegal, means of eviction to take advantage of tenants’ cultural and linguistic barriers. API Legal Outreach seeks to keep vulnerable tenants and homeowners in their homes through holistic education and legal services. We also partner with local community-based organizations to host regular housing clinics.

Eviction Defense

We provide legal consultation and representation in unlawful detainer actions to tenants in need. API Legal Outreach also partners with local organizations to hold free housing clinics.

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Foreclosure Prevention

To assist those impacted by the housing crisis, we provide consumer education and legal assistance. We seek to prevent homelessness and preserve affordable housing through helping homeowners to keep their homes.

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“My rent was stolen and I was not able to pay rent”

“When my landlord sued to evict me, he did not care about my situation because he wanted to get me out so he could raise the rent. With the help of my lawyer at API Legal, I negotiated with the landlord and moved to a better place with lower rent and additional services for seniors”

– Client

Eviction Defense

Many API individuals and families find it difficult to access legal assistance in obtaining and retaining housing, given the language barriers they face and unequal access to housing-related information. API Legal Outreach seeks to bridge this gap by offering one-on-one legal services and free housing clinics to marginalized, low-income tenants.

Additionally, with the passing of Prop F, all San Francisco tenants have a right to legal counsel when facing eviction.

“Our attorney at API Legal Outreach was excellent. He helped us all the way”

“Two weeks after my landlord finished renovating my apartment for the first time in my 30 years there, he served me with an eviction notice. I was worried because I heard my landlord hired a private attorney, but our attorney at API Legal Outreach was excellent. He helped us all the way.”

– Client

Foreclosure Prevention

Though it has been over a decade since the 2008 foreclosure crisis, predatory lending practices are still prevalent and continue to place many low-income communities of color at risk of losing their homes. We provide the following services to homeowners in need:

  • Loss mitigation options such as loan modification assistance
  • Rescission of Notice of Default
  • Prevention of foreclosure sales by filing for temporary injunctions
  • Financial literacy trainings and workshops

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Founded in 1975, the mission of API Legal Outreach is to provide culturally competent and linguistically appropriate legal representation, social services, and advocacy for the most marginalized segments of the community including low-income women, seniors, recent immigrants, and youth.

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