Working for Equal Justice in the Asian Pacific Islander Community

Since 1975, Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach has worked to level long-standing barriers that have denied Asians and Pacific Islanders equal justice and equal access to our legal system. The legal system has failed to provide fair and just treatment for our communities based historically on such factors as economic status, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual preference, race, religion, nationality, and language.

API Legal Outreach has always been directed by its community-based model. Leadership on vital issues has been driven from the community up. At the same time, we have been community workers, lawyers, advocates, teachers and activists working to instill in the community a sense of its legal rights and protections while advocating against injustice.

Our clients and our communities are often invisible and marginalized. But such clients, prevented from enjoying the basic rights and benefits of this society, epitomize the fight for equal justice. API Legal Outreach’s work for justice confronts the daily struggles of those with extraordinary needs. In all aspects, our mission has been the provision of equal justice through culturally and linguistically competent services. Our staff come from diverse backgrounds and speaks Cantonese, Chiu-chow, Gujarati, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Punjabi, Tagalog, Taiwanese, Toisan, Vietnamese, Arabic, Russian, and Spanish. Among our ongoing accomplishments:

  • Providing holistic legal and social services for survivors of domestic violence in partnership with other community-based agencies.
    Raising awareness of the abuse of elders in the API community by advocating for culturally competent services and training for first responders.
  • Providing personalized attention to those most in need, such as home-visits to the frail and elderly to promote their independence and dignity.
    Collaborating with emerging API communities to make legal services more accessible and culturally appropriate.
  • Staffing community-based clinics throughout Bay Area counties to make our services accessible to those with geographic or physical barriers.
  • Working to bring together regional and national networks to prevent domestic violence and combat human trafficking.
    Developing new services to assist LGBTQ survivors of domestic violence.
  • Promoting the independence and dignity of those with disabilities by advocating for their legal rights and protections.
    Representing those in forced labor to assist in escaping slavery and rebuilding their lives.
  • Providing a full range of immigration services and advocating for immigrant rights and comprehensive immigration reform.
  • Bringing together and supporting youth to address the issues of dating violence, sexual harassment and domestic violence.
    Empowering our youth and future leaders to examine the histories of our communities so they may develop projects speak out against injustice.
  • Preserving affordable housing by representing tenants being unfairly and unjustly evicted by those seeking quick profits.
    Opening new services in the Central Valley to assist severely underserved API communities with consumer finance and mortgage fraud issues.
  • Advocating on social justice issues that continue to confront our community from anti-immigrant policies to the right to marry for all individuals.

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